Puppets with Purpose


Puppets with Purpose

-Puppets in Schools Program-
Positive, Empowering, Curriculum Support 
Fun, engaging workshops for kids of all ages and abilities!

Our puppets in schools programs bring the magic of puppetry alive!

By participating in our workshop programs students learn the art of puppetry, watch tailored puppet shows and create and share puppet stories.

Tailored to your school’s needs


Once off or weekly programs run at your school

Created in accordance with The Learning and Wellbeing Framework these programs work within the Standards of Teaching to meet ACARA objectives and outcomes while providing opportunities for students to build knowledge, self-worth, confidence, and resiliency.

Themes address such issues as being a leader, cyber/bullying, friendship, self-image, screen addiction, depression, isolation, acceptance, mental-health, nutrition, time-management, honesty, self-harm, culture, sustainability, and discrimination.

Puppets with Purpose addresses common issues among children and youth in an age-appropriate scenario recreated with puppets.  Each scenario meets Literacy, Health, and Drama ACARA outcomes and features a puppet character who may be based on the protagonist within the C2C texts for their age group. This Puppet character demonstrates a personal conflict, and a peer helper puppet uses a narrative approach with counselling and communication techniques, especially active listening, to help their puppet friend through their challenge. This approach helps individuals to find for themselves what makes them happiest and stresses the importance of understanding why people act the way they do.

Our program encourages the audience to empathise with not only the puppets but also their peers and the people around them.


After demonstrating scenarios students are each given a puppet to work with and in small groups they are given puppet conflicts to discuss and work through.

Thank you so much for your program! I’ll  be able to follow this up in the classroom as it works in so well with what we have been learning about feelings!’

‘Your work with puppets addresses those areas in the Health Curriculum around Friendship and Relationships that to be honest I’ve been having trouble finding time to teach properly, Thank you so much!’

Starlet Creative Industries primarily funds Puppets with Purpose through running paid workshops at schools with adequate funding, with additional funding provided for disadvantaged schools through our website donations and sponsorship program.  



*All day packages – $500 + $5.00 per student. Sessions run for an hour per class level. 

(*$500 to be paid upon booking)


$350 for an hour session 

For more information and to book a ‘Puppets with Purpose’ program contact: director@starletcreativeindustries.com