Professional Development

Dynamic Engagement

Dynamic Engagement

 PD with a difference

Starlet Creative Industries PD workshops present innovative and dynamic teaching approaches to support maximum engagement in classrooms.

Starlet Creative Industries’ Professional Development is:

‘Fun, exciting, full of games that you can use in the classroom to teach anything!’

“All teachers should do this!’

‘These are great ways to Engage and Excite learners”


35235097262_9e90808e11_mSchools can choose from the following two hour Professional Development Workshop packages :

1. An Engaging Classroom – Fun and exciting games, activities and creative teaching tools which promote teamwork, confidence development, and student engagement.

2. Using Puppets –   A look at the many ways that puppets assist with teaching and learning.

3. Dynamic Teaching across the curriculum –  Find out how the magic of creative pedagogy with a touch of disciplined improvisation creates unforgettable lessons!

4. Preparing your class for performances – Explore the elements of drama to create assembly and performance pieces with your class.

All day workshop packages are available which include all of the above topics.

Dates and times for workshops are at the discretion of the schools booking workshop packages.

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Games, Activities and drama theories covered within Starlet Creative Industries Professional Development workshops support Teachers in achieving the following ACARA outcomes:

  • Explore role and dramatic action in dramatic play, improvisation and process drama (ACADRM027)
  • Use voice, facial expression, movement and space to imagine and establish role and situation (ACADRM028)
  • Present drama that communicates ideas, including stories from the their community to an audience (ACADRM029)
  • Respond to drama and consider where and why people make drama (ACADRR030)
  • Explore ideas and narrative structures through roles and situations and use empathy in their own improvisations and devised drama (ACADRM031)
  • Use voice body, movement and language to sustain role and relationships and create dramatic action with a sense of time and place (ACADRM032)
  • Shape and perform dramatic action using narrative and structures and tension in devised and scripted drama (ACADRM033)


  • Identify intended purposes and meaning of drama, starting with Australian drama, including drama of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples, using the elements of drama to make comparisons (ACADRR034)
  • Explore dramatic action, empathy and space in improvisations, play-building and scripted drama to develop characters and situations (ACADRM035)
  • Develop skills and techniques of voice and movement to create character, mood and atmosphere and focus dramatic action (ACADRM036)
  • Rehearse and perform devised and scripted drama that develops narrative, drives dramatic tension and uses dramatic symbol, performance styles and design elements to share community and cultural stories and engage an audience (ACADRM037)
  • Explain how the elements of drama and production elements communicate meaning by comparing drama from different social, cultural and historical contexts, including Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander drama (ACADRR038)
  • These workshops also support drama outcomes for years 7 -10 (ACADRM040), (ACADRM041), (ACADRM042), (ACADRM043), (ACADRM044), (ACADRR045), (ACADRR046), (ACADRM047), (ACADRM048), (ACADR049), (ACADRM051), (ACADRR052), (ACADRR053).
  • Along with supporting students to obtain drama outcomes the workshop games and activities help support students to achieve cross curriculum outcomes in areas of presenting poems, oral presentations and creating scripted narratives in literacy, history etc.

Starlet Creative Industries supports educators in teaching students about the elements of drama through interesting kinesthetic games and activities, and how to embed these into creative performances at their students stage level. – Director/Teacher, Cessnock. 2017