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In QLD the current unemployment rate for young people 16-25 is 12% – 28% (ATO, 2018), with over 18,000 young people currently experiencing homelessness (QLD Council of Social Sciences, 2018). Half of the deaths in young people are caused by suicide (QLD Suicide Prevention, 2017). Puppets With Purpose has been conceived by Marianne Buchanan, who is both a Teacher and a counsellor, and has a deep desire to see these statistics change. Having lost a young family member to suicide she is passionate about delivering innovative services that support individuals to overcome adversities.

Puppets are a powerful tool for healing, developing communication skills and confidence
(Farryl Hadari, 2018 Speaking Puppets) By supporting our GOFUNDME  you would enable us to take Puppets with Purpose to schools and organisations across QLD. 

 By participating in Puppets with Purpose students are given tools to use in their everyday lives that enable them to find solutions and options when faced with challenges and crises in housing, relationships and employment reducing youth unemployment, mental health concerns, and youth homelessness.

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