Motivational Speaker


Starlet Creative Industries’ Director/Motivational Speaker – Marianne Buchanan

‘Marianne is a passionate teacher with outstanding communication skills. She is kind, creative and empathetic toward people and wants nothing more than to make the world a brighter, happier place to live. She lives and breathes the creative arts and has the unique ability to focus while prioritising tasks, thus allowing the freedom for creativity.‘  (Operations Manager/Starstruck 2017)

 Our Starlet Creative Industries’ Director is talented and creative educator Marianne Buchanan.  As a breast cancer survivor Marianne has experienced many of life’s highs and lows and is passionate about using her story to inspire others to find their purpose and make positive changes to live their truth. She enjoys drawing, painting, singing, performing, scriptwriting, teaching and supporting people young and old to feel confident and empowered in their creative pursuits.

Marianne_0091_CDFrom 2000 to 2001 she toured Australia and New Zealand with an itinerant drama company and developed skills and experience in singing, performing, directing and facilitating drama workshops. Since that time Marianne has performed, written, directed and produced shows in Maitland, Darwin, Cairns, Brisbane and now Toowoomba. Through her drama & scriptwriting studies with Griffith University, from 2002 -2005, and her involvement in community theatre Marianne has been most influenced  by the theatrical approaches of Zen Zen Zo, Buton Theatre,  Stanislavsky’s ‘Method Acting’ ideology and theories behind ‘Theatre Pedagogy’. She has a graduate diploma in teaching through Central Queensland University and a BA in Sociology through Open Universities. From 2004-2010 Marianne was involved with a community organisation as a facilitator, supervisor and counsellor and as such brings to Starlet Creative Industries a holistic approach to supporting individuals and community groups in overcoming blocks, developing confidence and applying these to their Arts projects.

cropped-dwarfs-e1498089041571.jpgStarlet Creative Industries was first established in 2014 to help with community theatre. However after losing two family members to tragic circumstances, in 2016, Marianne changed the direction of the organisation to being a Social Enterprise and became committed to working with schools to support resilience and hope and giving students the skills and opportunities to rise above adversities.


Marianne wishes to acknowledge and dedicate Starlet Creative Industries as a Social Enterprise to the memory of her brother Stephen Buchanan (October 1990 – May 2016) and his best friend and cousin Ben Spencer (April 1990- October 2016). Stephen lived in Melbourne and worked with a theatre set design company, as a floor manager, before he was diagnosed with Leukemia in 2015. Ben was a philosophy student and moved to Melbourne to support Stephen throughout his cancer treatment. Stephen’s battle ended in May 2016 and Ben, struggling to recover from this significant loss, ended his life 5 months later.  They were two amazing, talented young people who are greatly missed.

 May their humour, fun, laughter, critical thinking and desire to make the world a better place never be forgotten.


In memory of these two young men a percentage of profits made, from Starlet Creative Industries services, goes towards supporting Joining Hands in its assistance to the homeless along with providing empowerment  and resiliency for youth through drama confidence workshops and programs.  In addition Starlet Creative industries is proudly supporting Lifeline in it’s crisis support and suicide prevention initiatives.


‘Marianne was invaluable to the operation of our school musical ‘Doctor Who’. She ran lunchtime sessions as well as drama activities in the classroom and generously donated her time to attend rehearsals and performances.’ – (Primary School Teacher/ Northern Suburbs/Brisbane, 2014)

‘I appreciated and valued Marianne’s informative and friendly delivery of drama tuition. Marianne was both fun and nurturing. She was skilled at identifying and fostering individual creativity and encouraging the effective expression of ideas and emotion. Marianne is a positive and nurturing teacher and her commitment to these sessions was 100%.’ – (Community Member/Brisbane, 2015)

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